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Read about the folders.


:bulletred: Featured: The best art work would go here, decided by the admins.

:bulletred: Amnesia: Amnesia art would go here. Stephano, Jennifer, Mr.Chair and Piggeh wouldn't go here. They'd would fit better in the Bro Family folder. Barrels should go here because they are not part of the bro family.

:bulletred: Ao Oni: Ao Oni art.

:bulletred: Ju-On the Grudge: Ju-On the Grudge art.

:bulletred: Afraid of monsters: Pictures that focus on Afraid of monsters. Ruben would go here.

:bulletred: Cry of fear: Pictures that might have Pewdiepie screaming "FOR LADY GAGA!!". Cry and Pewdie did do something together on this but if it has cry it would go in the Cry folder.

:bulletred: General: Pewdiepie messing around. Not focusing on any games.

:bulletred: With Cutiepie: Pewdiepie with his girlfriend, Cutiepie. Cutiepie art would go here.

:bulletred: Bro Family: Stephano, Jennifer, Mr.Chair, Piggeh, Skully, pretty much anyone Pewdie has talked to in a game nicely. This would NOT have: Barrels, Ao Oni, Q and As of Pewdie's characters and any enemy.

:bulletred: Brofist: Could be you brofisting, maybe you drew Pewdiepie brofisting the screen. That would go here. Do not put screenshots of Pewdiepie brofisting.

:bulletred: Happy wheels: Mostly of Vespa, Irresponsible dad and Pewdiepie losing limbs.

:bulletred: Q A: Q and A art. If you have a Stephano/Piggeh/Jennifer/Mr.Chair ask account, it would go here and not the Bro Family folder.

:bulletred: Music and dancing games Anything with Pewdie dancing and or singing.

:bulletred: Fanfic: Anything written. If it takes place in a game, like Amnesia, it would still go here.

:bulletred: Slenderman related: Anything with Slenderman and Pewdie would go here. If it had Slenderman, Cry and Pewdie, it would go into the Cry folder.

:bulletred: Cry: If it has cry in it, it would go here. If it only has cry and not Pewdie, it would not be allowed.

:bulletred: QWOP and CLOP: Pewdiepie the runner and unicorn rider.

:bulletred: Ib: Ib fanart.

:bulletred: Paranormal: Paranormal fanart art. Jeremy would go here.

:bulletred: To the moon: To the moon art.

:bulletred: Art that is no longer aloud: Used bases, screen shots, things that have nothing to do with Pewdiepie. Do not submit here, we move old art here before the rules were changed.

:bulletred: Silent hill: Slient hill fan art.

:bulletred: Ghost Hunt: Ghost Hunt art

:bulletred: Limbo: Limbo art.

:bulletred: Lucius: Lucius art.

We ALSO get a lot of MMDs and screen shots, so read the "Bro codes" (AKA RULES) too.

:bulletred: Please don't advertise yourself here. This group is for Pewdie.
:bulletred: DO NOT submit screenshots. It annoys the other members and spams everyone's inboxes. This means, if you had to press the "Print Screen" key at any point in making the picture, don't submit it. You are also not allowed to submit used bases or MMD.
:bulletred: Speaking of others, please be respectful towards other people. You don't have to in real life, but on here please treat everyone nicely.
:bulletred: Please submit stuff into the correct folder. If you don't, your deviation suggestion will be denied.

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